Giving you back some control during an unexpected situation


TrxNow is a revolutionary technology platform developed with the client's needs in mind. From the look and feel down to the functionality, TrxNow ensures that you #GetConnected.

TrxNow is available across the United States and Canada. The technology offers the customer and the provider full visibility of the location and movement related to the event. In addition to increased visibility and connectivity, every event is backed with live monitoring in a controlled environment. The transparency of incoming calls, wait times and locations of services sets Allied apart from the competition. Allied is fearless when it comes to transparency and your customers will benefit from being able to view their services in real time. 

The Connected Experience

Dominion Automobile Association ensures that you and your customers have a connected experience. You and your customer will have the opportunity to view the engagement and movement of the selected service provider in real time. Knowing who is coming, when they are en route and when they are close to your location provides peace of mind and a sense of control when its needed most. 

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